If you wish to remove your poly extension gel for any reason, you can safely follow the steps below:

Step1. Cut the extra length of your nail with a nail cutter and file off the top layer of the polygel. Make sure that you DO NOT file the natural nail.

Step2. Cover the surface of your nails with cotton pieces soaked in the slip solution included in the kit. If you don't want to waste the slip solution to remove your extension gel, you can use acetone or any non-acetone nail polish remover. Use Aluminum foil pieces to wrap up the top of the finger. The less air you let inside, the quicker the polygel gets loosened.

Wait for the solution to do its job, which takes about 10 minutes.

Step3. After 10 minutes, the polygel will start to peel off on its own. Use the cuticle pusher or the spatula side of the dual headed tool included in the kit to create a gap between the polygel and your natural nail, starting from the cuticle up to the tip of the nail. Gently move up and down to create more gap and the remaining gel on your nail will come off.

Step4. Use a nail buffer to make your nail plates smooth.

The Iconeve poly extension gel is easy to apply and is just as easy to remove thanks to its unique TriPolymer technology. It is light and durable while remaining pliable, allowing for quicker break down during removal.